LD Shafts


MOTEGA – the “New Arrow”

A 100% Carbon shaft construction created using a patented shaft production process. This unique process aligns all fibers in an orientation of optimal strength and durability.

The specific orientation of the materials in an exacting pattern allows us to create a more durable and stable shaft while still producing outstanding kick and “feel”. The technology of this process allows us to create a shaft that has greater stability and less weight than any shaft we have ever produced.

Our goal was to create a shaft that had the flat launch characteristics players desire, combined with an optimal recovery rate which results in consistent performance and tight shot dispersion.

Available is FOUR different weights, 55g, 65g, 75g and 85g.

Length – 45”
Butt Diameter - .600
Tip - .335
Parallel tip – 4”
Flex – X, S, R, A. A-Flex is only available in 55g and 65g
47” Version, 70g, available in X and XX

Torque – There are so many variables in measuring torque and there is no standardized way of measuring…so we really don’t go out of our way to publicize the Torque. Range is 3.5 to 4.0 depending on weight and flex.1 of 1

45" Shafts